Thursday, January 1, 2015


Srinagar is a beautiful city in Kashmir, India. Its also the capital of Jammu and Kashmir state. There are many gardens around this place. In summer season the weather is around 21-25 degree Celsius and in winter it can go up to 2 degrees or even below. One of the famous lakes in Srinagar is the Dal lake. We booked a hotel which had a lake facing view. The picture below is one of the many gardens in Srinagar.

Places to visit
1) Dal Lake
Dal lake is the most famous lake in Srinagar. When you go for a boat ride in this lake, you will see many houseboats. You can also hire a houseboat if you do not want to stay in a hotel. During the boat ride many other boats came near our boat to sell chains or crafts which were handmade or the specialty of the region. I was surprised to see people selling stuff even in the lake.

2) Mughal Garden

The garden is very beautiful with different types of flowers all around.

3) Shalimar Garden

Another Mughal garden is the Shalimar. Here also you will find many flowers, a small pond and amazing architecture.

4) Fish Breeding Farm

Here breeding of fishes is done. Thousands of fishes were there in different sections of the farm.


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