Saturday, June 27, 2015


Pahalgam is situated in Kashmir, one of the most beautiful places in India. It is famous for its flora and fauna. Pahalgam is surrounded by hills on all sides. It is very cold even during summer. Exotic varieties of plants are found in the mountainous areas.

 We left from Srinagar to reach Pahalgam early morning after having breakfast. Of course we had a light breakfast because we had to take those mountainous roads and didn't want all that food in our stomach make us wanna throw up. The road had a lot of blind curves. It was also too narrow in many places for two cars to pass by simultaneously. The whole journey was magical with cool breeze blowing across our face, and soft music in the background made the trip even more enjoyable.
Finally we reached our hotel at Pahalgam in approximately 3 hours. Pahalgam was the coldest place in our trip at the J&K.    
We then went to explore this hill station after a short nap. On our way we came by a horse stand and from there we went on the horses since trekking by foot would take a very long time to reach the top. The horses wold take steep turns and we would hold our breath thinking they would drop us any moment. The horses knew the way by heart even without their masters, they would keep going. Finally we reached the top and we could see lush meadows stretched across the surface and the far off hills covered by snow. The landscape was breathtaking.

Whenever you go for such trips don't forget to explore beyond the obvious. Don't just see but also experience, feel and remember.