Thursday, July 9, 2015


Gulmarg is located in Kashmir, India. Gulmarg means 'meadow of flowers'. It is 2730 meters above sea level. We have to take the gondola (cable car) to reach the top.

 There are two levels. On the first level there's lots of snow and on the next level there is even more snow. We went hiking on this big mountain that was there and climbed and climbed and climbed till there came a point where it was to dangerous to climb more higher without proper equipment. We stopped and sat on a rock which was half covered in snow and the other half was mud. We saw down and got and amazingly beautiful view.

 We were literally on top of the world. I took lot of photos there to capture the scenic beauty. 

Then when we had to go down the mountain, there was no other option but to slide. Going down was even more fun. We then decided to go on the next level by taking the gondola. But it started raining and the staff were saying that its snowing on level 2. So due to heavy snowfall they shut down level 2 for the day. I wanted to see level 2. But its okay level 1 was really amazing and we had lots of fun playing in the snow.

I think once in a year we should take breaks like these to the hills. But not the closest, not easiest, not the path most taken... 

Distance from:

Srinagar: 56 km

Pahalgam: 138 km

Sonamarg: 123 km


  1. Hello, The gondola ride looks like fun with pretty views too. I am sot sure if I would like sliding down in the snow. Great photos. Have a happy day and new week ahead! Thanks for the visit to by blog.

    1. Haha sliding down was really fun. Thank you and you too have a great week.

  2. Beautiful place. I hope to visit some day.