Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to Conquer the Flash Sales

Nowadays many mobile brands are selling their cellphone via flash sales. Getting mobile phones from such sales is extremely difficult since there are more than 25,000 other users also trying to buy them at the same time.

New to the Flash Sale Concept?
Flash Sales are nothing but sales though e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart. These companies tie up with moblie brands and sell those products on a specific date and a specific time slot. For example Amazon sells some mobiles at 2pm sharp on their website. You have to click the 'Add to Cart' button at 2pm exactly or else the product goes out of stock.

Please Note: You need to register for the Flash Sale first and then only you can be eligible for it. You will
                     receive conformation for the same through email.

Tips to Conquer Flash Sales

Tip 1:-
1) Open the e-commerce website on multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and  
    Internet Explorer.
2) Sign-in to your account and add the delivery address, phone no. etc. and save it. This helps because you  
    have only 15 minutes to complete payment before the product gets deleted from your cart. 
3) Open the product page at least 15 mins before the given time.
4) Click as fast as you can on the buy button, if the server crashes due to heavy traffic. Try from another   
    browser which you have already kept ready.
5) 90% this trick should work.

Tip 2:-
1) You need Chrome for this trick to work.
2) Download Auto-Buy extension from the web store
3) Click on the icon and select the website and product..
4) This extension adds the product directly to your cart.
5) Your computer should be synchronized with the internet time or else it won't work.
6) You need to update the extension for every sale in case you want to buy another phone. 

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