Tuesday, July 12, 2016



The car journey towards Matheran starts at 6:25 am. It's Saturday morning, the start to an amazing weekend. With soulful music in the background, empty roads and beautiful street lights our journey begins towards the hill station. We come across steep valleys that almost take our breath away. We get lucky to spot the Toy train that runs from Neral to Matheran. The climb to the top to reach Dasturi Naka was the most difficult one with our car trying to reach up an almost vertical slope. Dasturi Naka is a point where all cars and motor vehicles have to be parked. No cars or bikes are allowed in Matheran, it's one of the most eco-friendly places in India, which means no pollution whatsoever.

           From here you can take a toy train or simply walk.
If you get tired or don't feel like walking you can take a horse ride.
Say Hi to Horsie ! :)
This monkey really wanted to come inside the room. That's our hotel AC by the way.

Spotted a Wild Duck  

We prefered walking and by the time i reached home my shoes were fully red, all thanks to the red soil.

There are many points to visit in this place like Alexander Pt., One Tree Hill Pt, Lords Pt, Charlotte Lake, Echo Pt., Porcupine Pt, Panorama Point and  Madhavji Garden
View from Madhavji Garden

 I visited this hill station in November 2015. But i would suggest you to visit during the monsoons. Months like October and November are really hot to explore this place.

Best time to visit : December-February & June-September
Distance from Mumbai : 82 km by Road


  1. Stunning scenery! I'd love to hike there. We have nothing like that here....just gentle hills and Christmas trees!

  2. Hello, what a wonderful place to visit. The views are gorgeous. Great collection of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Beautiful place. I would also love to be there.

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